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That Will is Not Right

People make mistakes and sometimes that extends to mistakes being made in a will. Usually the mistake is only found after the will maker has died. If this happens – what can be done about it? Section 27 of the Succession Act, 2006 may hold the answer. It states:- 27 Court may rectify a will […]

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Superannuation Claims and Dispute

After the family home, superannuation is often the greatest source of a person’s wealth. It surprises many that superannuation is not an asset that normally passes to family members under the terms of a will. Superannuation is dealt with under the terms of the Trust Deed (legal document) that sets up the superannuation fund and […]

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Being an Executor

What is an executor? If you have been named as an executor in someone’s will, it means the deceased wanted you to arrange his/her funeral and to administer his or her estate. Administering the estate will involve identifying, collecting and protecting the assets of the deceased, paying all debts and taxes and distributing the estate […]

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When to Do Your Final Inspection

The Contract for Sale provides for the purchaser to carry out a final inspection of the property before settlement. It is crucial that you carry out this inspection as close to settlement as possible and preferably on the day of settlement. Why? Imagine this scenario The very excited purchasers organised with the agent to carry […]

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