World first technology catching drivers using their mobile phone on NSW roads


The State Government in a world first has rolled out technology after a test period has recently been carried out. They are now trialling cameras that can detect motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving which will be located on the Clunies Ross Street overpass on the M4 Motorway at Prospect and also on Anzac Parade at Moore Park near the Eastern Distributor.

These MDT Cameras will be able to catch motorists whilst they are driving and have the capability of being able to catch drivers at night, in poor weather conditions and if they are driving at speeds up to 300 km/h. Motorists who are caught will receive a letter telling them that they have been photographed using their mobile phones whilst operating a motor vehicle. The fines for these matters will not be imposed on these drivers until April. This is as the NSW Roads Minister has advised in a media release to allow time for any possible teething issues to be worked out with these matters.

Statistics show that during October 2018 when this technology was being in the testing phase, that more than 11,000 drivers were snapped using their mobile phone whilst driving/ operating a motor vehicle. The technology uses a radar based sensor system to automatically detect vehicles and records the data including photos being able to be taken through car windshields which will then automatically be analysed and passed on for review by a designated person.

In NSW currently drivers who are caught just even touching their phone are fined $337.00 and have 5 demerit points put against their licence.

If you are caught for mobile infringements or traffic matters please contact our office on 9525 8100 to have legal assistance in these matters at Court.