Who is Handling the Estate?


You have just heard that Joe has died.  Joe may be a long lost relative who may have left you a gift in his will.  Joe may owe you money for work you did for him.  So, how do I find out what is in his will?  Who should I talk to about the monies he owes me?

This is where the Supreme Courts online probate notice search function can assist you.  Most estates require a grant of probate or administration from the Supreme Court.  This authorises an executor or administrator to collect the deceased’s assets, pay his liabilities and distribute the balance to the beneficiaries.  Before an application for probate or administration can be made, the Supreme Court requires a notice to published.

This notice tells you:

  • Who the proposed executor or administrator is
  • How to contact them

You may be entitled by law to a copy of the will.

The online probate notice service opens the door to communication to pursue your enquiries or claim on the estate.

Peter Baltins from Willis & Bowring Solicitors can assist you with making the search; advising on whether you are entitled to a copy of the will and to pursue your claim.