Independent Administrator Services

There are three (3) situations where it may be desirable to appoint an independent administrator of an estate:

  1. There may be litigation over a disputed will causing considerable delays before the Supreme court finally grants administration of the estate to the appropriate person. In the interim, assets may need to be protected for the benefit of beneficiaries. In those situations, the Supreme Court may appoint an administrator pendente lite [ie pending the outcome of the litigation] to an independent person.
  2. A family in dispute over the validity of the last will may prefer that an independent administrator be appointed at the conclusion of the proceedings to collect and distribute the estate.
  3. A person making a will may anticipate a dispute over the estate at the time they are making a will. The will maker may prefer that an objective, independent and qualified executor handle the estate rather than appointing one or the other side of that dispute to this position.

Willis & Bowring is prepared to accept the role of administrator or executor in these circumstances and has considerable experience in doing so.