Road Transport Act Changes


Effective from 28 October 2017, amendments to the Road Transport Act 2013 mean that people who are currently disqualified from driving may now have the opportunity to have those periods of disqualification removed. There are two criteria that an applicant must satisfy in order to apply:

  1. They must never have been convicted of any of a number of specific offences (offences involving death or injury by use of a motor vehicle, predatory or intentional menacing driving and police pursuits (Skye’s Law offences); and
  2. They must have been offence-free for either two or four years, depending on why they are currently disqualified.

Broadly speaking, if a person meets the criteria they can apply to the Local Court for consideration of the removal of their periods of disqualification.

People wishing to apply to have their licence disqualification periods removed must follow a process:

  1. Obtain a copy of their traffic record for free using the Driving record application for disqualification removal order form.
  2. They should then contact us via our website or telephone to seek legal advice on their eligibility under the scheme and the application process.