Liquor Licensing

Matthew Williams is a solicitor with extensive knowledge in the area of liquor licensing.

Matthew can assist businesses with many aspects of their liquor licensing and gaming needs including:

  • Licence conditions and the revoking or
    varying of licence conditions
  • Compiling of venue safety plans and
    ensuring that they meet Liquor and
    Gaming guidelines
  • Staff Training and compliance issues on
    a regular basis
  • Venue assessments regarding licence
    conditions and other issues that may
    arise with Liquor Gaming or the local
  • Assessing security numbers and patrols
    and looking at licence conditions for
    security patrols
  • CCTV guidelines and whether the CCTV
    condition they have on their licence is in
    line with Liquor and Gaming Legislation
  • Knowledge of the Alcohol Management
    Operations Register (AMOR)
  • Any matters relating to the Three Strikes
  • Any matters in relation to the Declared
    Premises Scheme and the Violent
    Venues Scheme (including the ability to
    assist venues to ensure that they
    comply with incidents and crime scene

For more information:

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Training Organisations
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