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New Rail Safety Legislation

Transport Administration Amendment (Independent Transport Safety Regulator) Act 2017 No.4 The object of the bill is to abolish the Independent Transport Safety Regulator which was a NSW Statutory Corporation that provided specific functions and services under delegation from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator. The functions that the Independent Transport Safety Regulator currently […]

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Road Transport Act Changes

Effective from 28 October 2017, amendments to the Road Transport Act 2013 mean that people who are currently disqualified from driving may now have the opportunity to have those periods of disqualification removed. There are two criteria that an applicant must satisfy in order to apply: They must never have been convicted of any of a number […]

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Separation within the family unit requires consideration of complex emotional, legal and financial issues concerning both parenting and property. While facing the emotional challenges concerning a relationship breakdown, parents make decisions in relation to the care of the children involved. In doing so, the law requires these decisions ensure the best interests of the children […]

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